Celebrating Harry’s 75th!


A daylong event.  Dozens of family, friends and fans.  All celebrating what would have been Harry’s 75th birthday on December 7, 2017.

And we captured it live on Facebook Live video.  Tune in and watch the replay!

So fun to hear so many people lovin on Harry!

Vicki S.

Harry Chapin has been my hero since the age of 5 — my family’s favorite folksinger. Thank you for this live stream!

Harry O.
EditorCelebrating Harry’s 75th!


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  • Dennis W. Hoskins - December 7, 2018 reply

    I’m still listening to Harry after all these years.Dennis in Mr. Tanner’s hometown.
    45424…….76 years.

  • Rob Rose - December 28, 2018 reply

    Still a fan. Always think of charities that provide food…because as Harry said at his concerts, “no reason anyone should be without food…especially in our country.”

    (contributing to the foundation right now)

    Editor - December 28, 2018 reply

    Thanks, Rob. Harry keeps strumming in all of our hearts! Keep the change…

  • Reed Schulke - February 27, 2019 reply

    I once was able to work with Harry backstage in Cedar Rapids IA at the Paramount theater. It was near his birthday because we had a LARGE circular cake with all the words of Circle on it. As Harry cut the cake and raised it to put it on my plate I knocked it off, right onto his lap. He was more than gracious about it. The two background singers (I believe they were brothers) he had that evening I later saw singing background for a David Bowie concert in Chicago. Still get misty eyed every time I hear the song Taxi.

    Editor - February 27, 2019 reply

    What a wonderful story! I wish we had a photo of the cake… sounds spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

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